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Marvin Miller
Fine Art Photographer

Starting his photographic career in the Air Force, as
a "grip ‘n grin photographer," he became aware, in later
years, in order to creatively articulate his expanded
visualizations, he needed to augment his technical
knowledge. Subsequently, he applied to the Ansel Adams
Photographic Institute. After several failed attempts he was
ultimately selected and attended two years of exhilarating
advanced black and white workshops conducted by Ansel
Adams and his excellent professional staff.

In 1989 Marvin began to incorporate "color" in addition to
black and white as a new form of photographic expression,
and today color is his primary medium. In producing his
Fine Art Giclée prints, and to insure archival quality, he
personally performs all phases of the photographic

Marvin’s photographs are displayed globally and are in
private and corporate collections. He conducts
photographic mentoring programs that are mutually
rewarding. Marvin’s photographic objective continues…
seeking and sharing the creative visual opportunities
anticipated within, "The Magnificence Of Light"


All Photographs © 2011 Marvin Miller and may not be copied or displayed in any way without prior expressed written permission

All Rights Reserved